Owner Chrissy Purdom

Hello and welcome to my website.

Having previously been a potter for over 20 years, I headed back into my pottery workshop in 2020, after owning & running Omaha Living for the previous 18 years.

Once I was back in my workshop again, I got to re-discovered the joy of having an idea and creating it into something you could use and enjoy everyday.

Omaha Beach

In my workshop you will find me using two different techniques to produce my work. One is throwing the clay on the pottery wheel, making mugs, bowls and dishes. 

The second is a hand-building technique to produce a different range of platters, plates, dishes & bowls. This range is called Coastal Range and is rapidly expanding. My dishes are all designed to suit a variety of food styles to give us all a way to enhance our favourite meals.

I use a variety of clays and glazes for both techniques. I usually work in 4 week modules, making the work for 2 weeks, glazing & firing for 1 week and completing the firing stages in the 4th week. 

Check out the Stockists Page to find where more of my work is sold or pop along to visit me on a Sunday during summer (From the start of October until the end of May) at the Matakana Country Park Market.

(Check the Market Page to see if I am Attending)

You can also contact me by phone or use the Contact page.

09 777 4008 or Mob 021 913851