Before I glaze items with a large base, I apply wax to the base area to keep the glaze from adhering to it.  This saves time and glaze as the base area needs to be free of glaze before firing. Items with a smaller base have their base, or the part that comes into contact with the kiln shelf, wiped with a sponge.

Glazing large items such as my platters require using what is called a glaze wok to dip the now bisqued fired platter fully into the glaze. After the glaze is thoroughly stirred it is carefully poured into the wok. The platter is then dipped and the excess allowed to drain off.

Once the glazing is finished the glaze is poured back into the bucket and lid sealed to stop the evaporation of the water content in the glaze.

The glazed item will now be left to dry overnight.

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