A few changes happening at Seaside Living

Unfortunately with the amount of extra work that I didn't need after fraudulent attempts to use my site to test credit card numbers, I decided to remove the payment gateways & shop page.

You can of course still contact me to purchase from my workshop/ home. Either phone me or use the Contact page to get in touch.

I'll be redesigning this website so you'll be able to view what I have in stock. I also hope to continue to do the occasional market during the year at the local Matakana Country Park Market so I will be updating this site with all that info so you'll know when.

I'm enjoying painting once again but had forgotten how hard it was to get that 'tiny glimpse of an idea' you have in your head into an 'actual painting'. Challenging but very rewarding when you finally get to see what that 'glimpse' was all about!

Here's one of the first of my paintings to be finished. This one is called Hauturu and sometimes known as Little Barrier. Hauturu means "The Resting Place Of The Wind" and is quite the focal point in the greater Omaha/ Leigh areas.

I always find when painting Hauturu and Aotea, that they come out looking strong and a force to be reckoned with- which they probably are. I have heard that the terrain is pretty unforgiving and very hard going. Mind you, when has climbing a volcano been easy.

Both of these paintings measure 1100mm x 1100mm.

Here's the other painting called Hauturu & Aotea that I have been working on. I usually do more than one painting at a time as I often find that during the painting process, I get to points where I'm not sure where to go next. By going onto another, I find that the next one usually helps me to solve the other and vice versa. So I generally go back and forward between each or as many I am working on at a time.