No countrywide courier deliveries but a free Pick-up service from Auckland

It appears the recent pandemic has brought out the worst in courier company management. I am unable to guarantee safe, secure and timely deliveries at present by any NZ courier/ freighting company to any destination outside the Auckland region..

For Auckland customers or those of you who would like to collect your order in Auckland with no delivery charge, I am now able to offer a collection point in Sunnynook on the North Shore.

For this service there is a minimum order value of $68.

Orders made during the week will be available for collection on the following Monday after midday. Please have your orders completed by 4pm the Sunday prior.

At checkout the Local Pickup will be the only option showing. In the instructions box let me know if you wish to collect from Sunnynook, Auckland or here from my workshop in Omaha or from my stall at the Matakana Country Park Market.

You will receive an emailed invoice once you have completed your purchasing and then I will email you with the address to collect your order.

You will need to bring your invoice with you as proof of purchase and for Auckland collections, sign and print your name with date on the form when you collect your goodies.

Please call me on 021 913851 if you are unsure of anything.